Effective 1st April 2016, due to a shortage of funding, CEMA suspended operations until further notice. 

For information, contact Dan Stuckless, CEMA President: Dan dot Stuckless at

The Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA) is the leading multi-stakeholder group operating in the heart of Canada’s Boreal Forest – the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Alberta. CEMA is a key advisor to the provincial and federal governments committed to respectful, inclusive dialogue to make recommendations to manage the cumulative environmental effects of regional development on air, land, water and biodiversity. Based in Fort McMurray and operating for more than 12 years, this non profit association employs a professional secretariat to coordinate its world class research through working groups’ on Land, Air, Water and Reclamation.
CEMA is comprised of more than 50 members who sit on one of four caucuses: Aboriginal, Government, Non Government Organizations and Industry. The membership includes First Nations and Métis Groups, municipal, provincial and federal governments, environmental advocacy groups, educational institutions and the largest group of pit mining and in-situ oil sands operators in the world.
CEMA's role in this oil sands region is to produce recommendations and management frameworks pertaining to the cumulative impact of oil sands development in North-Eastern Alberta, which are, once complete, forwarded to the Provincial and Federal government regulators. Since its inception, CEMA has delivered a number of major management frameworks focused on areas such as Ozone, Acid Deposition, Trace Metals, Nitrogen, Ecosystems and Water.
CEMA actively promotes inclusive dialogue and information exchange by communicating the direction, activities, and results of CEMA to internal and external stakeholders and, assisting members to develop the capacity to meaningfully contribute to CEMA work.


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