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The Terrestrial Ecosystem Management Framework (Framework) is the Cumulative Environmental Management Association’s (CEMA) recommended approach to managing the cumulative effects of development and resource use on ecosystems and landscapes in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB). The Framework aligns with the stated direction of the Government of Alberta (GoA) to enable oil sands development while maintaining ecosystem integrity and social and cultural needs. The framework is intended to complement the existing policies and regulatory system currently in place.

The Framework has been guided by principles that were designed to ensure:

  • Stakeholder and societal values are understood and are reflected in regional environmental, economic, and social goals;
  • Trade-offs amongst competing goals are deliberate and transparent, because the maintenance of ecological attributes is not simultaneously possible on all landscapes with the projected rates of development;
  • Ecological integrity is managed predominately at the regional scale
  • Management strategies are based on science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK); and
  • Flexibility to adapt to future reality as it unfolds.

Framework Report

icon SEWG TEMF Recommendation Response Letters

icon TEMF Framework Document

icon Indicator Synthesis (Appendix to TEMF)

icon Methodology (Appendix to TEMF)

icon Data Analysis (Appendix to TEMF)

icon TEMF Silvatech Presentation


Letters between CEMA & the Alberta Government

icon SEWG Recommendation Letter to Alberta Government (January 11, 2008)

icon Government of Alberta Response to SEWG Recommendation Letter - March 23, 2008

icon CEMA Letter to Government of Alberta Regarding the TEMF - May 9 2008

icon Alberta Government Response to CEMA - May 23, 2008

icon Government of Alberta Responce to Ecosystem Management Framework September 11, 2008

icon CEMA Letter to Alberta Government - October 23, 2008