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CEMA 2011 Community Update

March 27, 2012 

Fort McMurray, Alberta – The Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA) delivers a detailed Community Update for residents of Wood Buffalo. It provides an important overview of CEMA’s activities during 2011. Some important milestones included:


  • The Mikisew Cree First Nation, Willow Lake Métis, NAIT and Statoil join CEMA;
  • The hosting of an Aboriginal Elders Workshop, by the Traditional Environmental Knowledge Advisory Committee (TEKAC);
  • Establishment of a Ground Water Working Group and the production of a Groundwater 101 document;
  • The initiation of 56 reclamation projects;
  • Monitoring recommendations for the Phase 2 Water Management System;
  • The beginning of a 5-year nitrogen critical loads study for forest and fen ecosystems and;
  • Creation of a new Land Working Group to develop recommendations for regional land management. 


“CEMA had a very successful and busy 2011. We increased membership, reorganized two new working groups and sent important recommendations on reclamation and water to the provincial and federal regulators.” Added Glen Semenchuk, CEMA Executive Director. “Our Community Update is a way of informing local residents and key stakeholders about our achievements over the past year. It also showcases the hard work and the countless hours of that CEMA Members put into our task, sub, advisory and working groups.”


CEMA is a multi-stakeholder society that is a key advisor to the provincial and federal

governments committed to respectful, inclusive dialogue to make recommendations to manage the cumulative environmental effects of regional development on air, land, water and biodiversity.


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