Effective 1st April 2016, due to a shortage of funding, CEMA suspended operations until further notice. 

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CEMA Continues with $5.4 million in Support    

Fort McMurray, Alberta – The Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA) has a strong work plan in 2014 and will spend about $5.4 million dollars over the next calendar year. CEMA welcomes $5 million in support from our member oilsands operators and continuing support in grants from Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.

By working through CEMA’s five Working Groups, Air, Land, Reclamation, Traditional Knowledge, and Water, the Association conducts world class research into the cumulative effects of oilsands development in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and surrounding areas. This research is then turned into policies, guidance documents and management frameworks for regulators.

Some important activities over the next year include a Traditional Knowledge Management Framework, Nitrogen Critical Loads Study, an updated Wetlands Guide, Modeling and mapping the distribution and quality of aboriginal important and wildlife supporting fruiting shrubs in the Lower Athabasca Region of Alberta, and a study of Surface Water - Groundwater Interactions in the lower Athbasaca River.

”This is the 14th year CEMA has been in operation. It has a proven, successful track record of developing policy recommendations for the Alberta and Canadian Governments in a multi-stakeholder forum,” added Glen Semenchuk, CEMA, Executive Director. “The continued financial support of our industry and government members allows us to provide information not available anywhere else.”

CEMA is a multi-stakeholder society that is a key advisor to Government and is committed to respectful, inclusive dialogue in the development of recommendations to manage the cumulative environmental effects of regional development on air, land, water and biodiversity within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.  


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