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Press Release

February 14th, 2013 

CEMA Announces Criteria & Indicator Framework
for Reclamation Certification

Fort McMurray, Alberta – The Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA) has completed a Criteria & Indicator Framework (C&I Framework) for oil sands mine reclamation certification. It establishes a process and common assessment criteria to support decisions related to the readiness of a parcel of land for reclamation certification. Use of the C&I Framework will support the reclamation certificate application process and subsequent decisions by the regulator.

The C&I Framework supports seven stages of oil sands mine development each with a distinct purpose, process elements, and process flows:

1. Mine Planning and Reclamation Criteria

2. Reclamation Planning

3. Reclamation Operations

4. Monitoring and Research

5. Decision Process

6. Annual Reporting

7. Reclamation Certificate Application

“CEMA’s Reclamation Working Group spent several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing the C&I Framework. A big thank you to all the CEMA reps who participated in the process” added Glen Semenchuk, CEMA Executive Director. “CEMA makes recommendations on policy and guidance documents and these have been forwarded to the Government of Alberta for its consideration regarding reclamation certification of oil sands mines.”

For a copy of the report, as well as CEMA’s recommendation letter to the Government of Alberta with appended stakeholder letters, please click on the following links:

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