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October 2nd, 2013 

CEMA Broadcasts Traditional Knowledge Video  


Fort McMurray, Alberta – The Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA) has launched a new video on Traditional Knowledge on its YouTube channel CEMAonline. The video was taken on the traditional lands of Métis and First Nations in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo this past winter. The video gives viewers a first-hand look at CEMA’s Traditional Knowledge Working Group and the opinions of Aboriginal Elders and leadership on what Traditional Knowledge means to them. 

“This video highlights the work of CEMA’s Traditional Knowledge Working Group membership and notes the importance that those sitting around our table play in the development of recommendations for government regulators” stated Bryan Fayant, Aboriginal Community Engagement Liaison.  “Capturing the Elders' traditional stories, lessons, and way of life on video helps the next generation of Aboriginals living in the Wood Buffalo region retain that knowledge and pass it on to their children and grandchildren.”

Of all the multi-stakeholders groups operating in the Wood Buffalo Region, CEMA has the largest Aboriginal Caucus, including First Nations, Métis Communities and the Nistawoyou Friendship Centre. Working through the Traditional Knowledge Working Group and Aboriginal Coordinating Committee, member representatives tackle the important research and activities outlined in their work plans.  

CEMA is a multi-stakeholder society that is a key advisor to Government and is committed to respectful, inclusive dialogue in the development of recommendations to manage the cumulative environmental effects of regional development on air, land, water and biodiversity.   


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