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January 23rd, 2014 

CEMAReleases Video “The Air We Breathe” in Dene and Cree   

Fort McMurray, Alberta – The Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA) releases its “The Air We Breathe” video in two traditional Aboriginal languages of Dene and Cree. The videos have been distributed to high schools in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to be used to educate youth about regional air issues and as a language tool for those students studying Dene and Cree. Additionally, copies have been distributed to all the First Nations and Métis Locals in the lower Athabasca Region.

“Educating the next generation of our Aboriginal children and grandchildren in our historic languages is a very important way to preserve and maintain Dene and Cree for the years ahead. CEMA is releasing this translated video, so that it can be used in our schools and communities for educational purposes,” added Bryan Fayant, Aboriginal Community Engagement Liaison. “When CEMA visits Aboriginal communities a main concern is the air. Many Elders ask questions and express concerns regarding the air they breathe. Being able to show them a video about CEMA’s Air Working Group which they can watch in Dene or Cree is an important way to communicate with our Elders.”

In 2012, CEMA’s Traditional Knowledge Working Group (TKWG) members created a similar project after hearing first hand from local Elders about the lack of information in their traditional languages. At that time CEMA’s “Athabasca Water Withdrawals” video was translated into Dene and Cree and distributed. This second video builds upon the success of that earlier project.

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To view “The Air We Breathe” videos in Dene or Cree.

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