Effective 1st April 2016, due to a shortage of funding, CEMA suspended operations until further notice. 

For information, contact Dan Stuckless, CEMA President: gm1935 at FORTMCMURRAY.ORG.

Technical and scientific work performed for CEMA is completed through the direction of six working groups using smaller task groups to focus on specific issues. CEMA also operates an Aboriginal Coordinating Committee that provides standards and direction for the collection and use of traditional environmental knowledge within the CEMA process.
The working groups and subcommittees are comprised of representatives from CEMA’s member organizations. These organizations include industry, government, education institutions, Aboriginal communities and environment groups. Chairpersons from member organizations lead the working groups and committees.
CEMA also employs a Secretariat to oversee the planning and administration of the organization.
For more information about the CEMA working groups, please visit the links to the left.