Effective 1st April 2016, due to a shortage of funding, CEMA suspended operations until further notice. 

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The Air Working Group (AWG) is charged with developing recommendations for regional air quality and air-related deposition management. The focus is on air quality and deposition issues related to emissions associated with regional development that have the potential to significantly contribute to cumulative effects on air quality, human health, and/or regional ecosystems, including vegetation and wildlife.

Prior to the formation of the AWG, air emissions management recommendations were developed by the NOxSO2 Management Working Group (NSMWG) and the Trace Metals and Air Contaminants Working Group (TMAC). These two working groups merged in late 2010 to form the AWG, and the AWG then adopted any work in progress initiated by these earlier working groups.


  • Review and track air quality related issues in the region to determine if industrial air emissions may    be contributing to the cumulative effects on the environment and/or human health and if there is a role for the AWG in addressing these issues.
  • Identify emissions to the atmosphere that may cause odours.
  • Assess whether recommendations for changes to management or control of emissions are required.
  • Where it is determined that there is a need for recommendations on emissions management,  assemble and develop knowledge of emissions and related adverse effects necessary for defining appropriate management criteria.
  • Develop recommendations to the appropriate regulatory agencies for the management and control of air quality and/or emissions, monitoring of air quality and/or possible air quality effects, and also to support regional planning initiatives, as required.
  • Assist regulatory agencies, upon request and as appropriate, in the implementation and/or updating of existing regional management frameworks.

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The AWG's research and reports are downloadable from the CEMA DMS Library.