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The LWG is a technical working group that will develop tools, products and recommendations based on sound science and traditional knowledge to protect, sustain and reclaim the health of ecosystems, landscapes, watersheds, biodiversity and their individual components, including soil, landforms, vegetation, fish and wildlife, while balancing industrial development, social and environmental considerations within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) and adjacent areas. 


The primary goal of the LWG will be to develop tools, products and recommendations that help to describe baseline conditions and cumulative land impacts while contributing to regional and sub-regional level landscape planning and management .In order to meet this overarching goal, a number of objectives are identified, including the development of tools, products and recommendations for:

1)      biodiversity- and land-based components of the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (LARP)

2)      regional ecological base information for the RMWB and adjacent areas

3)      human use and reclamation activities in the RMWB and adjacent areas

4)      Integrated Land Management (ILM) principles across the RMWB and adjacent areas

5)      appropriate ecological and land use indicators across the RMWB and adjacent areas

6)      landscape evaluation and assessment models to the RMWB and adjacent areas

7)      reclamation effectiveness within the RMWB and adjacent areas

8)      Inclusion of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Traditional Land Use in landscape planning exercises



icon Terms of Reference - Land Working Group - Revised March 2014

icon Assembling Landscape Management Puzzle Pieces: Review of Landscape Planning Work for LWG 


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