Effective 1st April 2016, due to a shortage of funding, CEMA suspended operations until further notice. 

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In support of CEMA’s over-arching goals, the role of the Water Working Group is to develop recommendations for regional water quality and quantity management in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) and to align water management frameworks, best practices and implementation strategies with Government priorities.  Traditional Environmental Knowledge will be incorporated in WWG products.


  • Support, implement or recommend approaches to improve characterization and knowledge of regional surface water and groundwater resources and closely connected groundwater-surface water systems. 
  • Provide a greater understanding of the vital interactions/connection between groundwater and surface water in the region.
  • Review, assess and recommend solutions to knowledge gaps in water management.
  • Review, assess, and recommend improvements to regional water quality and quantity monitoring programs or integrated watershed monitoring initiatives, with a focus on potential cumulative impacts associated with development.
  • When required, develop technical guidance documents for adoption by governments that provide best practices supportive of regional water management goals, and the proper management and protection of groundwater and surface water resources.
  • Assist regulatory agencies, upon request and as appropriate in the implementation, review or updating of existing or proposed regional water management frameworks. 
  • Report annually to the CEMA board on the status and trends of the water quality and water quantity within the surface mining areas, in-situ areas and in association with the tailings ponds and end pit lakes.
  • Report annually to the CEMA board on the environmental risks of the water quality and water quantity within the surface mining, in-situ areas and in association with the tailings ponds and end pit lakes. 
  • Provide an annual update to the CEMA board on water initiatives and activities undertaken in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region.



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The Water Working Group was represented at the 2013 Water Technologies Symposium held on April 10th-12th, in Banff, Alberta:


Validation of the Walleye Evaluation Criteria and Winter Ecology in the Delta- Mesohabitat Biology Recommendations

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